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About Me

I bring a diverse set of skills, across multiple industries, with companies of all sizes including at a design agency, tech startups, and implementing design change in the enterprise. Mostly recently worked as a Product Designer for Prudential Financial, I have also previously worked alongside the teams at Hertz, Vydia, iSpeech, and Ande & Partners.

As a self-starter and curious learner, I consider myself a Jack of All Trades, and a master of none some, practicing User Experience, Visual Design and Front-End Development. I enjoy taking a human-centric approach to find a balance between both form and functionality in digital interfaces.

When I'm not designing, I love to travel and indulge myself in the diverse cultures and history the world has to offer. My most recent travel include trips to Spain and South Korea. Outside of traveling, I am also a huge basketball and football fan and love to support my teams.

Miraj's Journey

Miraj's journey