Traveling at the Speed of Hertz

The Hertz Corporation is United States' largest car rental company by sales. They offer the world's most diverse global car rental brand portfolio with the combination of Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty and Firefly brands. Together, they serve in nearly 150 countries worldwide with over 10,300 locations. Besides offering car rentals, Hertz also provides additional services with Hertz Car Sales, Hertz Equipment Rental, and Hertz 24/7.

I joined the Hertz Corporation in May 2014 as a UX Developer Intern. Since then, I had the privilege of working on some major projects for I have included three of these projects as part of my selected work for this portfolio: Hertz Style Guide, Hertz Mobile Web Reservation, and Hertz Android App Redesign.

A Major Overhaul is Needed

Hundreds and hundreds of bad reviews flooded the Google Play Store as the Hertz Android app needed a desperate makeover. The Hertz Android app hadn't been updated in years and was leading to poor user experiences. In fact, it had grown out of compatiblity with the latest Android phones. So, not only was the functionality and interface of the app outdated, but the app entirely was outdated.

Screenshot of the old app - Landing Screen

Landing Screen of the old Android app

Screenshot of the old app - Locations Screen

Locations Screen of the old Android app

The Android App Gets a Makeover

Luckily for us there was a development team that had already been working on the new Android app. However, the design team had not been in the discussions during the process which raised many concerns about the user experience. As a result, I helped redesign the new app to help maintain the consistency with the style guide and improve the user experience without delaying the release deadline much further.

Before and After screenshots of the login screen

Login Screen

Before and After screenshots of the landing screen

Landing Screen

Before and After screenshots of the reservation screen

Reservation Screen

Before and After screenshots of the select a car screen

Select A Car Screen

The iOS App Also Gets a Makeover

Following the Hertz Android App redesign, the iOS App redesign was next. However, this time another member of the design team was in charge of designing the user interface. Working with the team involved with the iOS app redesign, I built a prototype using Axure RP to demonstrate the designed mockups interactively. This saved a lot of time understanding the functionality of the app before beginning the development of the new app.